You probably already know that Bob Proctor (from The Secret) is one of my

You may also know that, back in the 1960s, Bob went from earning $4,000 a
year to earning well over a million in just a few years. Since then, Bob has
helped millions of people transform their own lives.

One of the things Bob credits for his spectacular life transformation is
listening to Earl Nightingale’s classic program Lead the Field.

It’s quite possible that Lead the Field has changed more lives, brought about
more success, helped create more millionaires, and saved more careers,
important jobs and marriages than any other program ever produced.
The program had such a tremendous impact on Bob’s life that he has created
The New Lead the Field Coaching Program. It’s based on Earl Nightingale’s
timeless teachings, and it includes new audio lessons, coaching videos, and a
232-page workbook.

One thing I love about The New Lead the Field Coaching Program is it’s a
hands-on program that can literally change your destiny if you follow the
program in the way it was designed.

I really hope you check this out for yourself. You can’t go wrong just by
checking to see if it could be for you.